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Application Procedure


The deadline for application is Friday, December 4 by 12pm CST. Please view our Fall 2015 Application Update for more information.

How to Apply

All application materials should be submitted directly to the online application system. We cannot review your application until all required materials listed below are submitted successfully. To access the online application system, go to

Materials: What to submit:
Personal Information All required fields.
Application Information All required fields.
Educational Background Required: All information on previously attended educational institutions, unofficial transcripts, and GPA information. Use the [upload document] button to electronically submit your unofficial transcript or academic record for each institution.
Test Information - Self Reported Required. Report GRE scores and TOEFL where relevant.
Languages Optional. Provide this information if relevant to your application.
Awards and Activities Required.
Employment / Residence Information Optional. Provide this information if relevant to your application.
Financial Support Optional. Provide this information if relevant to your application. Please visit the "Funding" subsection of the "Graduate Programs" section in our website.
Legal agent / provacy statement Required.
Applicant Statements Statement #1: Required. 2-3 pages statement: Please provide a statement outlining your immediate educational and long-range career objectives in relation to your chosen field. If there is a paritcular faculty member with whom you wish to study, please give that person's name and explain why you want to study with that person. You may also wish to include other information, such as any undergraduate research experience, internships, or other experience you may have had to document your preparation for advanced study in your chosen field.
Statement #2: Required. 1 page statement: Enrolling and graduating a diverse student body is central to the University of Minnesota's mission. Please write a statement that identifies the distinctive qualities, characteristics, and life experiences you would contribute to your graduate program and to the education of fellow students at the University of Minnesota. You may wish to include examples that address your contribution to the diversity of the student body and illustrate your motivation to succeed by setting high standards for accomplishing intellectual and other goals, overcoming obstacles to achievement, and/or helping others to gain access to the resources necessary for success.
Extenuating Circumstances: Optional. 1 page.
Program Supplementary Information Graduate Program Additional Application: A one-page statement of examples from your life history that demonstrate your motivation or drive to succeed at past goals you have set.
Writing Sample: A good writing sample reflects polished analytical writing that is related broadly to the field of feminist studies. A good writing sample should also reflect a firm grasp of feminist theory (loosely defined) and the applicant's ability to work with and through important concepts with poise and originality. A writing sample could be a revised research or analytical paper written for an undergraduate class or graduate seminar. Alternatively, it can be drawn part of a larger writing project such as a BA or MA thesis or capstone project. Other writing styles or formats are also welcomed. The writing sample should be no less than ten pages and no more than 20 pages in length.
Description of Research or Work Experience: Optional. Provide this information if relevant to your application.
Resumé or CV: Required.
Other Credentials: Optional. Provide this information if relevant to your application.
Upload 1 and 2: Do not submit.
Recommendations We require three letters of recommendation. Recommenders must upload their letters electronically. You will need to enter their names and contact information (e-mail) in the online application system. The department requires that you waive your right to examine the letters; check this option when prompted. Do not submit paper copies of the letters to the department.
The letters of recommendation should address the following:
a) The applicant's working relationship with the recommender.
b) The applicant's intellectual ability, ability in research, professional skills and creativity.
c) The quality of the applicant's previous work and promise of productive scholarship especially in the field of Feminist Studies.
For your benefit, please direct your recommenders to these criteria.
Downloadable Forms Do not submit.
Check Your Application You will have the opportunity to review your application materials before the final submission and payment.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Feminist Studies Graduate Office at 612-624-6006 or at