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The Feminist and Critical Sexuality Studies (FCSS) graduate minor is a 15 credit certificate program for students enrolled in another graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. The FCSS graduate minor provides specialized academic training in feminist and critical sexuality studies.

For admission, applicants must submit a formal letter of interest that demonstrates a clear relationship between their interdisciplinary doctoral research interests and the goals, curriculum, and scholarly resources of the FCSS minor program. Successful applicants will demonstrate general knowledge of feminist and/or GLBTQ studies in some combination of their previous coursework, research and writing, and/or organizational activity/experience. No undergraduate major or minor in these fields is required.

FCSS graduate minors must complete one of two required core courses on feminist theories and methods—GWSS 8108 or GWSS 8109. GWSS 8108 is offered every Fall; GWSS 8109 and GWSS 8107 Feminist Pedagogies alternate.  

Graduate minors must also take four electives approved for FCSS minor, which may include 5000-8000 level courses in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies or 5000-8000 level courses in other departments. At least one of these graduate level courses must be taken inside the GWSS Department and at least one of these graduate courses must be taken outside the GWSS Department, preferably in the student’s home department.  After meeting the core requirements, minor students are given significant leeway for designing innovative projects in conjunction with their home department and the Feminist Studies DGS. Graduate minors have a primary program advisor in their home department; while the Feminist Studies DGS serves as the advisor for the minor program of study.

Students should be aware of any specific requirements determined by their home department or the Graduate School for the successful completion of the Feminist and Critical Sexuality Graduate Minor component of their doctoral program. Such requirements may include additional credits or drawing a set number of examination committee members from among the Feminist Studies Graduate Faculty. Although it is not a condition for successful completion of the graduate minor, graduate minor students are strongly encouraged to attend the Feminist Studies Colloquia, to enroll in the Feminist Studies research and methods workshops and classes, and to consider taking Feminist Research and Writing (GWSS 8997) during the final years of dissertation work. Admission to the FCSS minor program automatically allows admission into GWSS 8108 and 8109.

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